David Kloet

I've started programming more than 20 years ago, but really got into it since 2015, after I finished my PhD in molecular cancer research (Biology).

Since then, I've aimed to become a little better every day; reading books, taking (online) courses and sometimes participating in seminars. My favorite topics are those on software architecture, but I do also enjoy venturing into some particular technology or paradigm occasionally.



I love to use the OOP and DDD paradigms to solve my daily challenges, which are preferably in more complex business domains. Generally, I work on backend (microservices) systems, making the heart of systems beat to solve business problems. During the more recent years, I gained much interest and proficiency in using Javascript frameworks such as React and Angular. I’ve also established my ground in the more infrastructural concerns of building microservices in the cloud, although I’d be reluctant to call myself an expert there.